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    I also had connections-business pro crash wordpress after the update to 8.16, fell back to 8.14
    Http 500 occurs whenever php fails/crashes
    I got out of the problem by
    renaming your connections folder under /wp-content/plugins to something else
    reinstalled connections business from
    in my case it listed 8.14 and 8.16, active 8.14. activating 8.16 gives a fatal error

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    Eugene Peters

    Steven I got this to work, but going back to the original directory page doesn’t. If I click on the link to go back to the directory it takes me to the force_home page instead. Is there a way to change that behavior?
    I also found my settings are dropped like enable_map=’FALSE’ are lost. But if I put them in the force_home page [connections] tag it works.

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    Eugene Peters

    Steve I did this but its not working a expected.
    I have a page called Practitioner with just [connections] in it.
    The Home page reference is to “Practitioner”.

    Here is one entry example from the detail page “Practitioners Directory” page:

    [connections category=4 enable_category_select='FALSE' show_empty_categories='FALSE' show_category_count='FALSE' image_width=275 image_height=450 name_format="%first% %last%" show_title='TRUE' excerpt_length=50 excerpt_more=" ..." enable_map='FALSE' show_phone_numbers='FALSE' str_bio_head="Profile" str_note_head="Service Area" show_contact='TRUE' background_color="eaf3fc" show_addresses='FALSE' show_dates='FALSE' show_org='FALSE' force_home='TRUE']

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    Eugene Peters

    ignore this one, I forgot I removed check code in card.php

    in reply to: Email not showing #383758
    Eugene Peters

    Thanks for the reply and answers.
    I am a php programmer so if I get pointed in the right direction I can figure out where to make some of the changes I mentioned above.
    I will reload Gridder.
    You also mentioned “Contact”, but that doesn’t show up either, is it suppressed by default?

    Again thanks for a great module.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)