What are templates?

Templates customize the display of the entries on the front end of your website. Connections comes bundled with many basic templates to get you started. But if none of those work for you, please look at some premium templates available.


Template Pro Pack

Buy all the templates and save more than 50% if purchased individually!

Extension Pro Pack

Buy all the Extensions and save more than 60% than if purchased individually!

Pro Pack

This bundle inclues all the current templates and extensions for only $74.99. If purchased separately they would cost over $200!

Individual Templates


Designed to be simple and bold. A great fit for small team or staff directories. Responsive ready, featuring one or two column layout, highlighting team members photos and bio excerpt.


Our most popular template is designed to be the perfect template for business directories and chambers of commerce member directories.

Excerpt Plus

Responsive compatible template featuring the entry photo and bio excerpt. Perfect for large organization team directories.


Modern, stylish and designed from the ground up to be perfect for displaying team or staff directories in a multiple column grid layout.

Slim Plus

A great solution to display many individuals or businesses in a compact list. The responsive friendly list gracefully expands to reveal the contact information.

Tile Plus

A fixed width and height design creates a responsive friendly multiple column tiled layout featuring the entry photo and at a glance contact information.