What are extensions?

Extensions are individual add-on plugins that extend the functionality of Connections. There is a large collection available, both free and premium that make Connections even better!


Template Pro Pack

Buy all the templates and save more than 30% if purchased individually! This pack includes the following items: Circled cMap Excerpt Plus Gridder Market Slim Plus Tile Plus

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Extension Pro Pack

Buy all the Extensions and save more than 50% than if purchased individually! This pack includes the following items: Authored Contact Custom Category Order Custom Entry Order CSV Import Enhanced…

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Pro Pack

This is the everything bundle. It includes all the current templates and extensions for only 74.99. If purchased separately they would cost over $200! This pack includes the following extensions:…

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Individual Extensions


If you're using Connections to create an author directory then Authored is exactly what you need. What is does is simple ... it will show a list of the author's…

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Description Contact provides seamless integration with Connections to allow your site visitors to email entries within your directory from right within your site. Contact has been designed to be plug-and-play…

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CSV Import

CSV Import allows you to quickly import contact details from any spreadsheet application into Connections in bulk. Featuring a multiple category import, this extension can save you valuable time and…

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Custom Category Order

If you need to have your categories listed in a specific order instead of the default alphabetical order then this extension is exactly what you need. When this extension is…

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Custom Entry Order

By default the directory is sorted alphabetically which can easily be changed by using the order by shortcode option which offers most everyone the flexibility to sort the entries within the directory…

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Enhanced Categories

Features Category Featured Images Category Breadcrumbs Display categories before the directory with the following options: The depth of number of category children (descendants) to display from the hierarchy. Whether or…

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Form adds a plug and play form to your Connections powered directory which allows your visitors to submit their details to be listed in your directory. All submissions go into…

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"What is Link", you ask? Link is the very often requested feature of being able to link a registered user on your site to an entry in Connection and then…

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ROT13 Email Encryption

Our ROT13 Email Encryption Extension provides protection for email addresses from spam email harvester bots. This is a very notable addition to any Connections database that contains personal e-mail information.…

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What is SiteShot? It adds an option, to supported premium templates, that when set will show a thumbnail of the website that was entered for the entry. Features: Integration with…

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Widget Pack

The Widget Pack includes a set of feature rich, versatile and highly configurable widgets that can be used to enhance your directory. The widgets included are: Search Keyword search of…

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