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  • in reply to: Say What glitch #461025

    It’s still showing on the back end under add entry. Don’t want my client to get confused.

    in reply to: Form fields #461020

    That is working beautifully – thank you! one glitch:

    The connections system has 2 fields named Title – one under individual (name, title, organization), and the other under Links. Because I need to change the title of the first one to “Certification Level”, it’s also changing the other one under Links. What is the purpose of the Title field under Links? Is there a way to get rid of it? I’m having trouble targeting it with CSS>

    in reply to: Form fields #460953

    Ok, understood. It would be Really helpful if I could change the names of some fields – i.e. change the fieldset “categories” to location. Can this be done?

    in reply to: Form fields #460847

    how can i avoid them choosing the directory home page? It automatically showed there i think?

    I’m actually looking for instructions specific to various fields – not just before & after the entire form. Impossible?

    in reply to: can't find form #460546

    Ok i have created a pretend main page for the main directory and that is working now. Two questions:

    1. Is there a way I can rename fields – for example change “Organization” to “Business Name”
    2. I only want to show individual as an option – not organization. I only have organization selected on form settings, but it continues to show both.
    in reply to: can't find form #460536

    I have over 60 sub pages showing the connections directory for each category. I do not want the main directory showing on that page. Is there a way i can put the [connections] shortcode there and then do a display: none;?

    in reply to: City visible on excerpt listing #460173

    So close!!! I added a fake entry with a city name starting with A to test out the order by city feature.

    When i just have [connections category=12 image_width=200] I can see both profiles, but they are not ordered alphabetically.

    When i have [connections category=12 image_width=200 order_by='city']
    [connections category=12 image_width=200 order_by=city]

    the newer profile that has a custom city field starting with A disappears completely.


    in reply to: City visible on excerpt listing #460035

    and if i want to add order by city would the shortcode be:

    [connections category_in=12 image_width=200 order_by=city]


    [connections category_in=12 image_width=200 order_by='city']

    in reply to: City visible on excerpt listing #460033

    URG. the city has disappeared and i didn’t do anything. When i go to edit entry it shows as a category but doesn’t show the value (see attached screenshot). Checked and the code is still in snippet & in card.php file for child theme.

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    in reply to: City visible on excerpt listing #460021

    It worked!!!! sorry i’m not skilled in php… Feeling pretty pleased with myself – thank you for your patient help.

    Now as more profiles are added into a particular state, how is it determined which order the excerpts are listed in? Can they be alphabetized by city?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 17 total)