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    Sheldon Hildebrand

    Hi Steven, thanks for the clarification.

    I think what I’ll do is use the shortcode for the widget on a post instead of using the widget itself, then add a snippet to keep the publish date of the post as ‘todays’ date.

    That should make sure that post is grabbed each week by the newsletter automatically.

    Thanks for the quick response!

    in reply to: Church Directory – Families vs Individuals #379274
    Sheldon Hildebrand

    OK, thanks for your patience in letting me work through this. I’m slowly getting it to where it is functional. What I’ve done (for anyone else considering using it for church directory) is used a tab plugin (tabby) to create 4 tabs labelled ‘families’ (default entry card),’individuals’ (gridder),’volunteers’,’staff’, then set up [connections] to display appropriate information for each tab.

    I deleted any ‘families’ which consisted of only one individual, so ‘family’ tab displays true families, ‘individual’ tab shows all individuals, ‘volunteers’ shows members of the individual volunteer groups (categories), and ‘staff’ …. etc.

    Disadvantage of using tabs is that regardless of what tab you are in, category search or alpha index filter resets the page back to the first tab, and filter applies to ALL tabs.

    Probably need to change tabs to separate pages, too bad, tabs is definitely cleaner look.

    Anyways, loving the plugin, thanks for great work!

    Current wishlist – using the default entry card for families, would be nice to inactivate the link for the name of the family, forcing people to click on individual members for more details. would eliminate an unnecessary step as all family information is already present.

    in reply to: Church Directory – Families vs Individuals #379120
    Sheldon Hildebrand

    Starting to answer my own question. Using [connections list_type='family'] lists all the families (obvious, I know).

    However, clicking on the individual within the family brings up individual information (wasn’t expecting that, assumed would come up with ‘no results’ as the individual was not a ‘family’).

    So next / followup question. To display in the same list individuals who are part of a ‘family’ and individuals who are not, should I create a fake ‘family’ with the same name as the individuals?

    EG. mr and mrs smith are part of the smith family, however john doe is not part of any family. To have him show up in the [connections list_type='family'], I’d have to create a family called doe, john with john doe as only family member?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)