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    Why build a bridge?

    As mentioned earlier the only ability I really need from your plug-in to monetize it is the ability to change and/or lock listing status (Public/Private/Unlisted) based on user type just like how you can allow/disallow editing/publishing based on user type.

    Then from there I can control the listings with a third party plug-in of my choosing or manually control it.

    Toll bridge

    I noticed that you have chosen a plug-in to integrate (be compatible with) ‘Restrict Content Pro’ which is a paid plug-in. Not that I don’t like supporting programmers, however I would like the freedom to choose what plug-in I use and pay for. My solution above would leave the option open to the users of your plug-in. Then after that if you wish to introduce better compatibility with third party plug-ins of your choosing then go for it.

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    RE: How region and business type relate and how you want users to be able to filter them?

    As I hinted earlier (perhaps in a different thread), just create an extra (or two) separate category data (as a new feature of Connections) that work and behaves just like the original category data throughout Connections and its extensions. ex:
    category id12 = ‘Food / Beverage Stores’
    category1 id3 = ‘North Western Ontario’

    [connections category1='3'] would only show all with North Western Ontario.

    Or a combination [connections category='12' category1='3'] would only show all with North Western Ontario AND with only Food / Beverage Stores.

    Re: rename the Country field to Region

    That is a good idea if there wasn’t the problem of people typing in variations of the same answer (as mentioned earlier). The multiple Category Tables (above) would be the ultimate solution to what I am trying to accomplish (they don’t type, they select).

    As for the Country field itself I guess it wouldn’t matter if I left it as is and I guess it could be useful for companies that have a foreign branch office or headquarters.

    Re: Building Bridges (awesome).

    If you make a ‘Bridge’ extension then please make sure that it works with Contact Form 7 plug-in (another plug-in that uses short-codes to get things done). I use that plug-in for most of my forms needs in all my WP sites, it also has other extensions and third party plug-ins (ex: math-captcha) that work with it.

    in reply to: Custom Labels? #280111

    That would explain why I could not figure out how Hours-dev was going to help me. I will remove Hours-dev as I am not going to be developing a new extension.

    re: regions

    I am already using categories for ‘Business/Organization Type’ (Advertisers, Agriculture, etc.). If I try to incorporate ‘Regions’ into it it would make things a lot more complicated. I would have to either add duplicate Region and/or Sub-regions in each B/O Type or duplicate B/O Type in each Region and/or Sub-regions category (ouch). Unless there is a way to create a separate categories group, then we may have something here! (ex: Categories1)

    Otherwise we are back to gaming the existing system.

    If there was a way to re-organize the address group fields in Form, perhaps I would be able to change ‘Address Line 3’ to ‘Region’ and place it just above the ‘Country’ field.

    Oh BTW, is there a way to hide fields within a group (ex: address) and/or set a default value for them? I don’t need people setting the ‘Country’ field as ALL entries will be in Canada.

    I guess ultimately you are going to have to make a new extension that allows creating new field groups and fields within Form and can be used throughout Connections just like the native Form fields. (Ex: Categories1 or Sub-Regions)

    in reply to: Quick formatting question #280083

    You just sneaked in that reply just before mine.

    Thanks for that information, I totally forgot about overriding the CSS in the document (duh, You just showed me that in a previous post), I think I need some sleep. ;)

    in reply to: Quick formatting question #280082

    The author of the ‘JNB Multicolor Theme’ had responded back with instructions on how to ‘adjust’ the theme, apparently it was an ‘old’ theme and has no plans for updates to it. Since I fixed the theme, it is not so important for this request to adjust the search widget. If you do have answers to this issue, it would still be useful to others and maybe to myself in the future.


    in reply to: Custom Labels? #279997

    re: domain

    Thanks, I will keep that in mind.

    re: dev-connections

    OK, I removed connections and hours then installed and activated connections-dev, then installed and activated hours-dev. I do see the hours thing in the Manage -> Edit entry also in the Add entry page, however it does not show in the form that the client would be using.

    I don’t see how this helps? I don’t know where or what I do to modify this thing to do what I want it to do (add an extra field to the connections form and use it throughout connections)?

    This is getting way to complex for a simply adding an extra form field. I think when I mentioned ‘hidden’ field you misunderstood me, I was describing possible options not that field had to be hidden. Sorry for the confusion if so.

    I think what I will do instead is use the ‘notes’ field and change it to ‘keywords’ or ‘tags’ as a workaround. If I go this route, is there a way to make the field ‘text’ only (no formatting allowed)?

    What I really want is to have a sub-region field ex:

    Address Line 1: 123 fake street
    Address Line 2:
    City: Thunder Bay *
    Province: ON *
    Region: North West Ontario *
    Postal Code: H0H 0H0

    * I suggest being able to choose the field type to use in the form (text, selection, or combo-box) as text is too open ended for search ex: in province people may possibly use ON, Ontario or Ont. for a single province, this poses a problem for filtering and/or searching.

    combo-box ex:

    Using the short-codes I can then make it so if somebody goes to my site for example: that page would show only entries that have sub-region of North West Ontario.

    Note: I noticed the categories drop-down in the form is no-longer a drop-down selection in the dev version of connections. Might I suggest you set it up like you did with the other boxes (keep the drop-down selection and have a ‘add category’ button) or a multi select drop-down.


    I added

    #cn-cmap {
        min-height: 0 !important;

    to the top of my document in the WP page editor (text mode) as I did not want to have this on my entire site and it worked like a charm.

    Thank You.

    BTW: Looking forward to seeing that Knowledge Base site when it is up and running.

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    RE: Say What?

    Thank you. I thought that a different ‘domain’ might of been the reason causing it to not work. Is there other ‘domains’ for your ‘connections’ that I should know about (especially any that would use the words Zipcode or State)?

    RE: You did install the dev version of Connections, right?

    Nope, I missed that. Now have ‘connections-develop’ installed, I’ll go and see if I can figure this out…

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    in reply to: Custom Labels? #279859

    With ‘Say What’, WordPress Plug-ins warned that it has not been tested with my version of WP, otherwise it seemed to install with no problems. Using the ‘connections’ domain I tried:

    state -> province
    State -> Province
    State: -> Province:

    Did not seem to change in the ‘add-entry -> Address Type’, maybe the ‘Connections-Form’ is a different domain?

    As for Connections-Business-Directory -> Hours I can’t seem to figure out how to use it. Actually other than being listed in my WP Plugins, I can’t find it anywhere? Maybe I did not install it correctly or I am missing something here?

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