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    Christopher Mohler

    Sorry to maybe hijack, but this is related to something I’ve been working on: a search widget with a drop-down that limits address results based on the ‘line_3’ address field (without touching core files or cMap).

    (Client is using this field as a sort of “meta region” for lack of a better term)

    I should pause here and pass out some kudos: Connections is a pretty hefty amount of code, and yet it’s very well organized. As someone who’s been hacking on stuff for years — and particularly WP stuff lately — I am very impressed. I was able to bang out a separate, helper plug-in all in one session today – thanks!

    Anyway, I did grab the widget pack, thinking the search widget would be a good start but that was sort of a dead-end. What I need in sort-of-pseudo-code:
    SELECT [card_addresses] WHERE [most_fields] LIKE [search_terms] AND [address_line_3] == [drop_down]. It’s the ‘AND’ that’s giving me fits.

    (and I think we could live with ‘SELECT [card] WHERE…’)

    If you could point me to the correct hook/filter/action/file/etc I would be very grateful. Even pseudo code at this point would help me – been at it for days and I can’t figure out a way to accomplish this without hacking directly on Connections or the template.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)