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  • in reply to: Errors using home_id in shortcode #463937
    Rich Anderson

    Makes sense. Thanks for the improvement.

    in reply to: Errors using home_id in shortcode #463932
    Rich Anderson

    There are several, but I’m guessing the one that caused the problem may have been the one that removes some metaboxes:

        add_action( 'admin_init', 'cn_remove_metaboxes' );
    function cn_remove_metaboxes() {
        cnMetaboxAPI::remove( 'metabox-logo' );
        cnMetaboxAPI::remove( 'metabox-messenger' );
        cnMetaboxAPI::remove( 'metabox-social-media' );
        cnMetaboxAPI::remove( 'metabox-links' );
        cnMetaboxAPI::remove( 'metabox-date' );

    I’m not a coder, but it seems like there should be a test to see if something is there before it attempts removing it?

    I’ve also attached a file with all the snippets I’m using.

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    in reply to: Errors using home_id in shortcode #463682
    Rich Anderson

    The site uses Page Builder and is currently running Connections 8.19.1. Removing the Connections plugin and reinstalling it did the trick with one caveat.

    I’m running Code Snippets to register some metabox fields in the Connections directory. When I tried to remove the Connections plugin, the WordPress admin white-screened on me. I had to change the folder name for Code Snippets to deactivate the plugin and regain access to the WordPress admin.

    Lesson learned…deactivate Code Snippets first.

    Thanks for the help and quick response!

    in reply to: Card Template Images Not Displayed #446027
    Rich Anderson

    I removed the card option from the shortcode, ensured the single entry template option was disabled, and verified the Slim Plus template was the active template. There was no change to the look of the page.

    I also assumed the card template had been altered, which is why I thought updating to the new version would refresh that template. Is that not the case? I only have WordPress access to the system this is hosted on, so my options are limited on how to address this; however, looking at the System Information tab under Settings it shows this:

    — Connections Folder Permissions

    Image Path Exists: Yes
    Image Path Writeable: Yes

    Template Path Exists: No
    Template Path Writeable: No

    Cache Path Exists: Yes
    Cache Path Writeable: Yes

    Could there be a permissions/path problem?

    in reply to: Add Menu Item to Connections Menu #420522
    Rich Anderson

    Thanks for looking into this.

    presently there is really no easy way to accomplish this.

    Does this mean adding custom code (that isn’t update friendly) into the menu function of the cnAdminMenu class is the approach to adding Connections menu items?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)